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For attractive hands and feet, rely on the experts from Absolutely Fabulous. Our nail technicians will pamper you with a wide range of manicure and pedicure services.

Quality nail care services at great prices

A regular manicure or pedicure not only keeps your nails tidy but also improves the appearance of your nails. At our salon, we use products that are of high-quality and show visible results. Our nail care procedure involves the exfoliation of dead skin and leaves your hands and feet feeling soft and smooth.
beautiful nails

Why choose our nail care service?

At our salon in Stroud, we have always used the Jessica Prescriptive Manicure System. Whether your nails are damaged from biting or recovering from acrylic nails, the Jessica Prescriptive Manicure will help to repair and improve your nail condition. Jessica Geleration is the most popular treatment we offer, giving you instantly dry nails that will last for 2, 3 or even 4 weeks. We spend time preparing your nail for the colour to be applied and recommend that you return to us to get them removed professionally in order to prevent damage. 

For pedicures, choose from Calming Green Tea or Energising Ginger for your feet and you can enjoy up to an hour of luxury. Your varnish will last for weeks and your skin is sure to feel refreshed. 
Beautiful nails

Our nail care service covers:

Nail filing and painting
Nail art

Cuticle treatment
Paraffin wax application on hands and feet
French finish pedicures
Bio-sculpture spa manicures
Minx nails and toes 

We are reintroducing our Bio-Sculpture LED Gel Overlays treatment on popular demand. It is an alternative to Jessica Geleration and ideal for those in a hurry. This procedure also provides dry nails instantly and has a lasting result for 2 to 3 weeks. Our minx treatment is another fantastic way to fashion your nails. From sparkly metallics to flowers, we can do it all.

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